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social NFT

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Only1 creator
Unlock exclusive content
Only1 creator
Only1 creator
Staking pool
Alameda x Solana
Alameda x Solana
Liquefy Labs
GBV Capital
NGC ventures
Petrock Capital
Duck DAO Incubator
Rok Capital
Animoca BrandsBithumb Labs
Kyros Ventures

Genesis NFTs
& Creator staking

Only1 mint a genesis-NFT
1. Mint
A genesis-NFT is minted once a creator passes KYC.
Only1 bid for a genesis-NFT
2. Purchase
Fans bid on the Only1 marketplace for a
🔥 token burn
Only1 stake $LIKE on the creator
3. Earn
Stake $LIKE on the creator. Owner and creator both earns a split of the staking reward.

Content NFT farming

Post. Buy. Earn.
Only1 content NFT farming. Post. The creator posts exclusive content in form of NFT
1. Post
The creator posts exclusive content in form of NFT
Only1 content NFT farming. Purchase. Fans bid on Only1 marketplace for NFT, and one fan now owns it.
2. Purchase
Fans bid on Only1 marketplace for NFT, and one fan now owns it.
🔥 token burn
Only1 content NFT farming. Community unlock. Other fans unlock content with $LIKE.
3. Community unlock
Other fans unlock content with $LIKE.
🎟 Get lottery tickets
Only1 content NFT farming. Earn. Tx split between owner and creator.
4. Earn
Tx split between owner and creator.
🔥 token burn

The $LIKE Economy

Democratizing Social Networks
  • Bidding
    Fans bid for NFTs on Only1 with $LIKE
  • Staking & Gov
    Fans stake their $LIKE to earn more over time
  • Reward pool
    $LIKE rewarded to stars as new NFT is minted & resold
  • Donating
    Fans can tip $LIKE to their favorite creators

The $LIKE token

  • Total token supply
  • Initial market cap
  • Public sale price
Only1 $LIKE token distributionOnly1 $LIKE token distribution


Q2 2021
  • Mainnet LIKE & NFT SPL-token
  • Platform prototype complete
  • Creator Genesis-NFT
  • Creator Staking
Q3 2021
  • IDO & Closed Alpha
  • Marketplace functionalities
  • Unlockable content-NFT
  • Beta launch
We are here
Q4 2021
  • Mobile app development
  • Unlocking lottery system
  • New feature development
  • Public launch
Q1 2022
  • Voting and governance features
  • Version 2 development: stablecoin support
  • Mobile app launch
Only1 Whitepaper

NFTs have gone social.

And they ain’t comin’ back.

See why, in our whitepaper.
Only1 Whitepaper
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Only1 Leon Lee
Leon Lee
Crypto algo trader, serial entrepreneur, Biotech Imperial College London
Only1 Joey Cheng
Joey Cheng
Business Development and Customer Intelligence Strategist, Mathematics Imperial College London
Only1 MOJO
Leading NFT Campaigns for Major Artists, Influencers, and Celebrities
Only1 Dan L.
Dan L.
Previously senior software engineer at Binance and Dash.
Only1 Damir C.
Damir C.
Previously senior UX/UI Designer at Binance & Binance Academy.
Only1 Akira F.
Akira F.
Launched Openswap, fork of Uniswap. Proficient in React & Solidity